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You Eat Other Animals?

Two happy-go-lucky men are being taken to an alien planet and untold wonders when their hosts begin to rethink things. Starring Evanna Lynch, Anna Ballantine, James Eeles and Michael Jinks, the film has had over 30m views across social media.

More Information

With profits destined for charity, You Eat Other Animals? was a labour of love: it took one day to shoot but a long time to complete. It was shot in the greenscreen studio at Brunel University, London, with in-kind support from Raw Capture and SHL Lighting. The long post-production resulted from the original VFX team being unable to do the VFX as expected, meaning new artists capable of skilled work, as well as available and willing to volunteer their time, were needed (many came and went).

There are lots of people who deserve thanks for volunteering their skill and time, not least VFX supervisors like Daniel Cuevas, Qian Han and Josh Barham. Makeup artist Tabitha Mei-Bo Li was the very first person to join the team. Issy Van Braeckel designed the costumes. Henriette-Mercedes Spiering boarded to help produce the film, which could not have been made without fab casting director Zita Zutic Konak from ET Casting. Allar Kaasik and Escape Studios were instrumental in setting up the VFX, while DoP Rob Jarvis brought a great team.

Skilled editor Jim Page tightened up the cut in readiness for the VFX. There are too many VFX artists who did amazing work to name them all, but perhaps Jennifer Carter deserves special mention. Then there's the people responsible for the soundtrack, including composer Raphael Fimm and band leader Harry Maund who put together the opening arrangement of Toot Toot Tootsie, vocalist Natalie Oliveri, and sound mixer Michalianna Theofanolpolou.