Coffee Name

  • Roles: Writer/Director/Producer/Actor/Editor
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Logline: When a man misunderstands a barista's request, a super awkward exchange unfolds
  • Starring: Reice Weathers, Ed Wiles
  • DP: Ben Saffer

More Info

Coffee Name was shot in two hours in an independent cafe, with a great crew volunteering their time. It explores racial politics and satirises the fear white people have of causing offense, especially the amusing discomfort many feel saying the word "black" in front of black people.

Versions were shot where the patron was a layman and where he was a vicar. No concensus was ever found on which version was best, but the vicar made a bit more sense story-wise, as well as for a more engaging thumbnail. Penalty Notice was shot on the same day.